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Alabama Politics

Audemus jura nostra defendere!

We believe that the way to 'win our country back' is by fortifying what made our country great to begin with, the local communities. Local grassroots activism goes a long way to ensure that our elected officials properly reflect the will of their constituents, regardless of election levels.

By starting here at home and extending all the way to Washington DC, we build the community that we envision, where the rights of all are honored and whose values are reflected both in Huntsville, Montgomery, and Washington D.C.


The PDF to the right shows four maps of Alabama:


1.) McClendon SBOE Plan 1 is the State Board of Education district map.

2.) McClendon Senate Plan 1 is the Alabama State Senate district map. 

3.)  Pringle Congressional is the US House of Representatives district map.

4.) Pringle House Plan 1 is the Alabama House of Representatives district map.

If you live in the City of Huntsville, use the link below to find out who your local city and county representatives are.  This includes your school board district. 

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