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Hey All. I hadn't heard back from anyone on this mtg so I am pushing it to next Monday the 6th. I will create a mtg notice and get you the link here this week. It will be just an intro and will go from there.

  • Hi Community Members. I would like to hold an introductory mtg on Monday at 5:30. Is this a good time?

  • I would like to start GrandPa Story time at the library. I have ordered books from to arrive each month. I would like to have group of us that are willing to read to the kids every so often. I am looking for free sources of advertising as well. I was going to use the Huntsville patch and maybe Rocket moms.

    Any one interested let me know.


  • This isn't government/education/wellness related, but it is a community event that I'm leading up and wanted to invite y'all to attend. No pressure, just sharing with my friends.

    Something different. We kept the prices as low as possible to share the event with our fellow citizens in Huntsville.

  • Suzanne

    Hey Community Members! Don't forget we have our monthly meeting tomorrow with speaker Ernie Blair.

    We will be streaming it for the first time, fingers crossed, so share this flyer if you can:

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    COMMUNITY includes a conservative network in Northern Alaba...


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