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Passing along the below details from ROAM (Republicans on a Mission) -


This Wednesday, April 26 the Senate Education Policy Committee will meet to hear the PRICE Act. The meeting has been set for 9:00 am on the 8th floor- Room 825 (subject to change).

-Please take this 2 question survey to let us know your plans.

As this is the most important first step on our mission for the PRICE Act, please make every effort to attend and/or place your emails by Tuesday, April 25. The list is below.

I would also advise those traveling to please be in Room 825 on Wednesday early. You will have to go through security, may be limited on elevator wait times and will want to grab a seat.

Many of our GOP officials are engaged on this bill and the subject of parental rights for school choice. It is important we are there on this journey with them to show our support. We are grateful for these conversations.

It's great to be a Republican on a mission for family freedoms and a major plank of the Republican Party.

For parental school choice freedom, Mrs. Terry Lathan 251.402.3747

EMAIL list to the Senate Education Policy Committee members by Tuesday, April 25 asking their consideration to move The PRICE Act out of their committee:

-Chair: Senator Donnie Chesteen 334.261.0879

-Vice Chair: Senator Shay Shelnutt 334.261.0794

-Senator Rodger Smitherman-D 334.261.0870

-Senator Tom Butler 334.261.0884

-Senator Garlan Gudger 334.261.0855

-Senator Larry Stutts (bill sponsor, no need to contact)

-Senator Randy Price 334.261.0874

-Senator Vivian Davis Figures-D 334.261.0871

-Senator Kirk Hatcher 334.261.9001

-Senator Jay Hovey 334.261.0865

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