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If you are interested in supplementing with Iodine, but want some medical guidance or want to know first if you are definitely deficient (it is estimated > 90% of Americans are deficient), you have some options.

There is one Iodine Literate Practitioner in our state (see

Peter C. Kassner, NMD

1514 Skyland Blvd E #173

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405


As an alternative to using a "local" practitioner, the website, Nutrition with Judy, has a page for ordering a DIY Iodine 24-hour loading test. The test determines if you are iodine deficient (technically, it shows how much your body absorbs) and also, optionally, how much fluoride, chloride and/or bromide you are excreting in your urine. A note on the test page indicates that test results are evaluated by Nutrition with Judy and a custom email will be sent including diet and supplement recommendations and "next steps". Here's the link:

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