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Today is my 3rd day of fasting. I started on Saturday night, so I'm approaching 72 hours at 9:30 tonight. I want to do 4 or 4 1/2 days again, especially since it took me such a long time this go 'round to get in ketosis, much less autophagy, which is my goal (there's no way to measure autophagy at home).

I had a problem today. I woke up with a headache and took a baby aspirin right away and drank a bunch of mineral water and had some salt, but the headache persisted. I also had some black coffee. I took a shower and the headache persisted. I tried another baby aspirin to no avail. My stomach was pulsing a slight bit at that point (shaky) and I began to feel pretty lousy.

Then, I took my measurements of blood pressure, blood sugar, and ketones. Blood pressure was right in a desirable range. So far, so good. Ketones were super high at 4.4 which is OK (but usually not very sustainable). Finally, I took the blood sugar: my meter immediately started beeping saying "Hypo" for a hypoglycemic alert! Blood sugar was only 53. Not good! I carefully measured out and then ate about 4-5g (grams of carbs, that is) of dried salted fruit (tamarind, a sour tropical fruit ), which was only half of one little "bean"! Super yummy! Within 20 minutes, I felt so much headache mostly disappeared and I was still in moderate ketosis (yay!) , but my blood sugar came up to the high 60's. A half cup of black coffee took care of any trace of headache remaining.

I wonder if low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is causing a problem with some of you all? I'd like to hear what you think of that possibility, because I've felt quite good throughout the fast with this single two-hour exception.

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