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My goal this time for fasting is to be in autophagy for at least 48 hours. Autophagy comes after being in ketosis for a while; however, I wasn't even in ketosis this time until 36 hours had passed. I must have lost the "fat-adapted" flexibility I had the last time I did an extended fast, probably because I haven't been practicing as much! I had a birthday last week and man did I get treated with sweets and meals out! I did two OMAD days (one meal a day) right before we started, but it wasn't enough, apparently.

Here's a good article on autophagy:

Gist of the Autophagy article link above: Protein lowers autophagy...However, coffee/green tea/resveratrol/turmeric/exercise can all increase autophagy. Good to know. One of the protocols (I-Recover from FLCCC at ) for long covid and vaccine clearance recommends autophagy as their first item in the protocol. It gives some ideas like taking spermidine to increase autophagy. The full protocol is a long document, but starting on page 17 is a great summary of some different things I don't think I've seen in our videos. chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/

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