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Water Testing:

I live in the Huntsville city limits in Piedmont (the neighborhood between Drake Ave and Airport Rd, between L&N and Whitesburg). Therefore, I know my city water comes from the Dallas Mill ground source and the Tennessee River when that is low (it is different seasonally). My house was built in 1958 and has original galvanized steel plumbing and old supply pipes (most likely original). I do get rust staining in my bathrooms and I know my water is rather hard.

Surprisingly, my water tested quite well according to my tests. I tested using the Varify test strips from Amazon (I still have some if you need them). I tested water from my kitchen, my refrigerator beverage dispenser, and my shower. All tests were in range! The Chlorine and Nitrate were both slightly higher in my kitchen faucet than in the refrigerator beverage dispenser (0 there!) and Chlorine was also slightly higher (but not nitrates) in the shower. I was quite pleased that Flouride gave me a zero reading in all three locations since our discussions on Iodine. Please share your results!

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