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Defend the Constitution

Unfortunately, the "Constitution of 2021" looks nothing like the Constitution that our Founders wrote in 1787.

A usurpation of power by the Executive Branch (with the help of the surrender of responsibilities by the Legislative Branch over the years) has centralized the Federal government more than ever before.

The 10th Amendment has been virtually ignored by the growing power of a consolidated Federal authority that routinely tramples on States' rights.

We seek to influence governments at the local, county, state, and national level to defeat the liberal agenda that is attacking our citizens and eroding our country well beyond how the Founders ever envisioned. Preserving States' rights help preserve the Constitution of 1787.

Learn about  Article Five

Many thanks to

Alabama COS Director Murray Edwards

for coming to talk to 5Strong!

If you haven't already, go the Convention of States website and sign their petition.



What You Need To Know

The Founding Documents

Visit the National Archives website to see the original Constitution of the United States, as well the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

Constitution Annotated

Madison County Constitution Classes

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