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Public Schools

As parents who have children in our local schools, we have an express interest in the material that our children are taught.

Ideally, we would only have to worry about sustaining a superb educational curriculum, however, recent uncovering's have exposed a radical agenda that is slowly and discreetly being filtered into our school system.

Constant watching of our school board members and superintendent have shown that a liberal agenda is widely accepted by our elected board of education representatives and that despite the heavily conservative views of their constituents, they simply do not care about reflecting the ideals of the parents.

We strive to vote them out of the positions of power that they have abused, and to act as watchdogs during their tenure.  The voice of the parents must be heard, and we strive to vote them out of office if they ignore our pleas.     

Complaint filed after 'Culturally Responsive Training' in Huntsville City Schools

"We have permanently BANNED Critical Race Theory in Alabama.

We’re focused on teaching our children how to read and write, not HATE."

Governor Kay Ivey, Oct 20, 2021

An Open Letter to Huntsville City Schools

"Regarding the mask matrix, please correct me if I'm wrong here, but the below is what I'm following. Again, I might be missing something, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

1. Y'all are basing Huntsville City School policy, (which only makes up about half of Madison County), based off the covid data for the entire county? Huntsville's Population is 196,219. Madison County is 372,909 (Huntsville makes up only 52.6% of Madison County). An apparent covid surge in the combined lower population areas such as New Hope, Gurley, Brownsboro would affect your decision making even though it will have zero impact on our students. This is flaw #1.

Secondly, you are using ADPH's criteria for High, Substantial, and Low as the drivers for the mask matrix. The ADPH's criteria is patently absurd. For example, to be deemed "Substantial" you only need 50 people out of 100,000 to be covid positive. Since when is 0.05% of the population deemed a "substantial" level? Counties such as Madison with larger population levels are EXTREMELY disadvantaged with this metric. To use it is just silly. This is flaw #2.

Thirdly, HCS tracks and maintains our own covid data. This data is reported daily and is a better indication of how covid is impacting our 24,000 students. Why don't you use that? If not, why even bother paying for a system to track that data if the school district isn't going to do anything with it? This is flaw #3.

I simply fail to see how the evaluation criteria set forth in the mask mandate policy actually reflects the picture of what is impacting our school district. For example, as per HCS's last covid count, 27 of 24,000 students were out from covid. That is 0.11% of the student population. However, during this time, Madison County was deemed "substantial" and would thus qualify as a "mask mandatory" week for HCS.

FYI, The week prior, the covid absence was an average of 15 students....0.06% of the student body.

Common sense dictates that less than half of one percent should EASILY allow masks to be made optional. By tying us to the county data, you are not accurately reflecting the health of the student body.

Did I mention that the 27 absences from last week are across 43 separate schools? That means that at most, the average was 0.62 students per school.

I'm not sure of the size of the average student body at each school, but when you have 1 kid from an entire school absent due to covid, it is safe to say that covid really isn't a threat at all.

Using county data, you can literally be in a position where HCS can have zero kids out from covid for weeks on end, but still be in mask mandatory ruling due to county numbers.

What am I missing here?
Michael Acosta"

Happening in Our Schools Now

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CRT has a new name:




Don't be fooled by this slight of hand!

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Huntsville City Schools announces masking policy will be evaluated weekly starting in the spring.

"We believe that the teaching and promotion of Critical Race Theory (CRT) to our citizens, and more importantly our youth, is dangerous because it is laced with racism itself. The State of Alabama has made great strides in combatting racism over the last 60+ years, distancing itself from our previously racist past. Alabama is not a racist state; there are no laws that allow racism in any form to be practiced and resultant infractions are prosecuted. Under the guise of “combatting racism”, or “educating Americans about racism” it actually promotes racism when one examines the curriculum. From it’s roots in academia as early as 1970, CRT continues to be pushed by educators, politicians, and other civic leaders. Unfortunately, these individuals do not have the best interest of citizens at heart, and are normally looking to advance an agenda, a liberal agenda rooted on division and not equality.
Our children when in school and not under our supervision, are prone to being “educated” using this incorrect curriculum, often by liberal faculty who also want to advance their political agenda. Because of the vulnerability of our students, we seek to monitor what our local school districts teach both students and faculty. When we do find elements of CRT, we strive to inform fellow citizens, local lawmakers, and State lawmakers to these wayward teachings that violate State law. Yes, we do serve as watchdogs, and this is to prevent the rooting of a dangerous cancer in the minds of our children. Join us in our fight to keep racism out of our schools and communities."


Nov 20, 2021

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