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Election Integrity

5 Strong believes there is a crisis of confidence with our election process. 

We believe: 

  1. Our elections are vulnerable to tampering which can result in fraudulent elected officials. 

  2. Vulnerabilities with computer technology and network technology are widely misunderstood by election officials. 

  3. Ballots are easy to fake. 

We want: 

  1. Frequent and widespread forensic audits of elections, based on paper ballots. 

  2. Minimal use of computer technology and network technology. 

  3. Clear legal requirements for voter identity nation-wide. 

Note:  Computer and network technologies are powerful because they are flexible. When we use software we interact with only the ‘front-face’ for the normal user.  It is simple to design a ‘back-face’ for the software that may be used by someone to manipulate data without the normal user being aware. Preventing this type of cyber threat requires a high level of effort and expertise. We do not believe election boards have the qualified people or funds to perform the necessary level of cyber security.  The best course is to avoid dependence on computer and network technology. 


Current events: 

Alabama counties are receiving grants to fund acquisition of voting technology and devices. (what are the details for this grant?)   

  1. Who is providing the money?  

  2. What are the terms and conditions for the grants?  

  3. What voting technology is being offered?  

  4. Where is the technology manufactured? 

  5. What cyber security reviews are planned for the candidate systems? 

We don’t know what we don’t know about the election technology being offered. 

For our consideration the Arizona Audit Recommendations are located at: 

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